John Dory

Here comes the sun

What a breath of fresh air compared to the always-dark, former Zinc et Les Autres. John Dory welcomes you with a new and freshly-interpreted interior; the happy compromise with Arjan Wennekes, ex-Chef Visaandeschelde. Fish has the starring role here; self-styled as fishtronomie. The dishes are modestly-priced, tasteful and soulfully presented on the plate.

Their new wine list is compact, hunting out some unknown wines both new and old worlds have to offer. Have a seat in the 1960s chairs and spy on the open kitchen where the fire is alive. Once you are ready for the main food show, head upstairs to the mezzanine and let the staff further delight you!


Prinsengracht 999
1017, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 622 9044

Canadian Red