Eating at the office

The formerly boring IBM-building in West has met with a complete metamorphosis; now re-birthed as a successful start-up hub for creative companies. A proper bar and restaurant are indispensable to such a location, to help fuel the magic. The ex-chef of Choux is running the show, so you guessed it, at Bureau you’ll find tons of beautiful vegetables thoughtfully interpreted for style, forgotten fish brought front and centre again, and responsibly-sourced meats.

The interior is as frenetic and energetic as the dishes leaving the kitchen. There is a lot of attention towards lighting, the copious amount of hanging lamps hint at a neon-fetish. But don’t be fooled this isn’t too much style over substance; an innovative three-course menu will set you back just € 32.

The roof terrace is a beautiful spot to enjoy your bites which doubles as a supply shack; the restaurant will soon farm their own chickens and work to source more and more of their provisions closer by. Reservations are by phone only – just like back in the day.





johan huizingalaan 763a
1066 VH, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 723 8492

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