Choux is here to stay

Within the ever-evolving Amsterdam dining scene, in between the tremendous wave of new restaurants, Choux takes root. The enterprising minds behind Repéré and Foyer, two highly successful pop-up restaurants in the city, delight us with this new informal and innovative dining experience. And we have good news for you, it’s here to stay.

The menu defines fresh with pure flavours, organic and local ingredients. There aren’t too many dishes on the menu, and it’s switched up regularly to keep pace with the seasons. Sensory overload just the way nature intended. It might catch you by surprise how a dance of colourful vegetables accompanying a succulent piece of codfish serves up quite the inspiration. A plump selection of wines will take you where you want to go.

Choux is a fresh embrace of natural simplicity, authenticity and quality. And yet another plus point is the location – you can’t miss the red bricks outside – a small hint that the next step in your culinary journey is just about to begin.



De Ruijterkade 128
1011 AC, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 6 16 51 23 64

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