Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Amsterdam hotspots tend to come and go like ships in the night, but behind the scenes at Rijsel, a more formidable storm was quietly brewing. Curious rumours swirled around the city that ‘something German’ was about to open, and in walked Scheepskameel; taking up much-coveted space on the foodie stage.

Located next to the former Marine Territory and the National Maritime Museum, this cold-to-warm, industrial-style ambiance boats a magnificent open kitchen, and you’ll need to plan to advance to see the magic live. This restaurant is bold in its beautiful German wine list of the Netherlands (150 of them!), a stunning feature far too rare for neighbours. When it comes to the food; the Scheepskameel sets itself apart from traditional German cuisine, except of course for the homemade sausages.

On the menu you can find modern dishes, divided into raw, vegetables, hot, cheese and dessert. The terrace of Scheepskameel is waiting for you, and trust us, the view is amazing overlooking the Oosterdok and opposite of the VOC ship, let your tastebuds sail away!


Kattenburgerstraat 7
1018 JA, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 337 9680

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