Lille on a plate

Without a pinch of hesitation, Rijsel tops our list of all-time favorites. This popping eatery is christened after its hip and fashionable namesake city of Lille, France, yet in an equally honorable throwback to its Flemish flavor, the local name ‘Rijsel’ conjures up a shared, rooted heritage of both cultural traditions.

A perfect union of Flemish and French on each plate, the food is very pure and authentic, simply prepared and honest. Oh and the prices are very reasonable – despite the noble culinary roots. The inviting, comforting 3-course menu changes up regularly. Hungry for that perfectly roasted chicken? Word on the street says it’s the best one in town: basked in rosemary, served with a Belgian-style toss of greens and potatoes. Like a warm hug when you just want to be held.

This is home, but even more hip; reservations are a must at Rijsel. You will find it tucked away in the up-and-coming Oost (east) district of Amsterdam in a former school building. And now that it’s all grown up; you’ll love the classy, modern-vintage decor and the huge open kitchen to delight your curious, peering eyes.


Marcusstraat 52
1091TK, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 463 2142

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