Delights are in the details

Llamber might, at first look, might strike you as one of the many stylish, tourist-trap tapas restaurants, though when you look closer, you’ll find how quickly this one differentiates itself from the crowd. Its vibe is of a hip hotspot, and by those virtues, easily fits into Barcelona’s high-end tapas scene. The menu is bound to intrigue you once you discover how varied the flavours are, in the fusion of Asturian and Catalan classics, all within the frame of the tiny tapas plate.

Llamber pays attention to even its most fine details, from the interior, with an intimate wine cellar and dining room to the back of the establishment, to the choice of sweets served to further delight you with your coffee. Foodies in search of a full dining experience may be amiss to the portion size; Llamber isn’t a place to eat like a god in Spain. But in case you’re looking for somewhere to sit, to linger, to drink peacefully and enjoy bites as they arrive… Llamber is the place you want to be.


Carrer de la Fusina 5
08003, Barcelona
Emailadress: info@llamber.com
Telephone: +34 933 19 62 50

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