Locally-sourced and looking forward

Mark our words: Hisop is one of the best dining spots in Barcelona. This Michelin-starred restaurant is located in Paseo Marimon and serves an avant-garde cuisine with distinct hints of its Catalan roots. The menu is seemingly predictable at first, with its beautiful selection of dishes showcasing one main ingredient supported by a fruit, vegetable, liquor, or a combination of these. This simplicity, and the fact that even the most traditional dishes are prepared with updated modern cooking methods, leads the taster to agree: this menu is truly outstanding.

The young chef Oriol Ivern insists as much as possible to work with locally-sourced ingredients, keeping the spirit present of cherished, traditional dishes, whilst inspiring more modern creativity and playfulness in ways that can be appreciated as nouveau. Hisop, with one pure line, defines the contemporary Catalan food scene, and is sure to satisfy your heart for tradition while keeping you curious about what’s coming next.


Passatge de Marimon, 9
08021, Barcelona
Emailadress: hisop@hisop.com
Telephone: +34 932 41 32 33

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