No mini lunch!

Ko-No-Hana is one of the restaurants which can be found in the chain of Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotels. You can see the impressive entrance when you first enter the hotel. The restaurant features a traditional Japanese and warm interior. The beautiful inner garden can be found to the left of the restaurant.

You can enjoy a mini kaiseki lunch at Ko-No-Hana. Don’t worry, this is by no means a small lunch! Each course is presented with attention to detail and exceeds expectations from the previous course. The dishes are served with a smile and the staff all wear traditional Kimonos.

Please do approach the staff with any possible questions, they will serve you with a smile. The staff can tell you everything about the food, where it is sourced from and how it has been prepared.





〒220-0004 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, Nishi Ward, Kitasaiwai, 1 Chome−3−23, 横浜ベイシェラトン ホテル&タワーズ
, Tokyo
Emailadress: okawa-m@ybsh.jp
Telephone: +81 45-411-1146

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