Restaurant C

It’s gettin’ hot

At C (= Celsius) it is all about cooking temperatures. The moderately priced dishes are classified in those temperatures, and in each of the four categories (20-80-100-200°) you can find at least four dishes. For example at 20°, a seasonal salad with beet, carrot and burrata which looks and tastes every bit as delightful as it sounds. The braised pork belly with Hoisin curry and peanut butter is extremely soft and can be found in the 80° category.

Only the heavy columns remind us of the old ‘Baut. The new atmosphere is comfortable and rich with a touch of vintage featuring a lot of leather, brown, wood and warm greens. The open kitchen holds a central place in the space, where you can dine eye-to-eye with the chefs on perfectly comfortable leather bar stools. On the right you will find more standard tables with good sitting chairs. On the left are beautiful green velvet couches for larger parties. C is a dream come true for chef and owner Michiel van der Eerde: Baut to the next level!



Wibautstraat 125
1091 GL, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 210 3011

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