Libertine Café Café Amsterdam

Until midnight

The Nine Streets of Amsterdam are home to an abundance of lunch restaurants designed to serve both the shopping tourists and discerning, pinot-sipping ladies-who-lunch alike; though the challenge lies in finding a a hideout from the stampede that actually serves decent food. Libertine Café Café by Casper Reinders caters to that specific need. The all-day New York Italian-style  cuisine is playful and makes use of local and healthy ingredients. Their delicious pizzettas come straight out of the enormous wood oven that sits prominently in the centre of the kitchen. Meats and fish can arrive with a host of crispy seasonal vegetables or a delicious green salad.

The design was brought to life by Reinders himself. He makes use of different types of marble in contrast to the dark walls and light wooden benches to create a relaxing and lively atmosphere. So when you find yourself in the Nine Streets looking to get away from it all, Libertine Café Café is the place to go! Worth saying twice!



Wolvenstraat 28
1016 EP, Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 214 9660

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